Kevin's Christmas List and Registry

In the spirit of the season (gimmee, gimmee, gimmee...) here is my Christmas list. I figure this way Santa can just hotlink from his naughty_or_nice.html list to my page. In fact, I'll even provide the relevant section of the list for him:

Kevin Fink <>: Naughty NICE

After viewing this list, my mom became concerned that this might not work out very well. I can see her point. It would be pretty silly to get 10 different new computer systems and no white blinky light for my bike, now wouldn't it? So, she suggested that I do something like the Wedding Registries they do at stores. That way people can see that three people already plan to get me fancy new computer systems and nobody has claimed the white blinky light yet, so they can get me a white blinky light and send me the remaining $4990 in cash...

Ok, now that we have that taken care of, on to the list...

Computer stuff

Biking Stuff

Skiing Stuff

Well, that's a start anyway. Come back soon, as this is one web page that is guaranteed to expand!
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