Things I'd like to see in LinkedIn

These are not necessarily my ideas (and in most cases I've heard other people ask for similar, if not identical, functionality), but rather the items that I would find very helpful in my daily use of the site.

Joe, meet Bob. Bob, meet Joe.
It would be really nice to be able to use LinkedIn to introduce two of my contacts to each other. This is such a big part of real-world networking that it is actually kind of amazing that they haven't already implemented it.
Reference Checking for Potential Employees
A variation on the idea above is for use with reference checking. In traditional hiring, the soon-to-be-hired candidate provides a short list of people they have lined up to act as professional and/or character references. It would be handy to have this list tagged somehow within LinkedIn so that the candidate could "introduce" a hiring manager to the reference list and they could choose who to contact (without needing an introduction - ideally "introducing" them would allow them to see an email address and/or phone number).
Reference Checking for Hiring Managers
From the hiring manager's perspective, getting a list of references from the potential employee has limited utility, as they will undoubtably all be positive. It would be helpful to be able to automatically generate a list of possible references based on a person's work history. This can be done manually now, by creating separate searches for each former employer and then winnowing those down by employment date, but that's a real pain in the butt. All the data is there, so it would be relatively easy to build a query that would do all of that automatically and just return a prioritized list of contacts. In terms of priority, I would want it sorted first by degrees away from me (assuming I'm the hiring manager) and then by date, although it would also be interesting to give higher priority to positions of higher stature or longer tenure.
Personalized Search Settings
I don't like the default search order of "keyword relevance". I'd much rather sort by "degrees away from you". It would be nice to be able to set this as a user preference so I don't have to change it every time. I plan on writing a GreaseMonkey script to do it for me, but haven't gotten around to it yet. There are probably other settings that would be handy to personalize, as well - this is just the one I have to change very frequently.
Advanced Search should not require a page request
I use the Advanced Search form frequently (mostly because I usually search by a person's name and want to sort by "degrees away from you" rather than "keyword relevance"). It'd be quicker if the form was in a hidden div that the link would open rather than going to a separate page. Another GreaseMonkey script to add to the list...
Manual Ordering of Recommendations
I'd like to be able to manually order the recommendations I've received rather than having them forced to latest first. Not only are some recommendations "better" (more complimentary, more relevant, better written, from a closer relationship, etc), but I'd like to be able to group them (bosses, peers, subordinates, partners, etc).
Sorting Results by Number of Recommendations
Early on it was very useful to sort search results by number of links. Now that most of us have "open networkers" in our network somewhere, the number of links is pretty useless. For many types of searches it would be useful to sort by the number of recommendations received. Sorting by the number of recommendations sent might also be useful for some things, but usually I'm more interested in candidates or potential partners that have more recommendations.

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