Life In The Goat Lane

Animal lovers love this book.

People who like to laugh love this book.

The title and hot-pink cover illustration attract attention. The contents appeal to anyone interested in country living at its funniest.

Here's what reviewers are saying:
"Linda Fink has written a funny book. Life in The Goat Lane will take you on a merry ride through 36 articles filled with smiles and laughter."
- Statesman-Journal, Salem, Oregon
"... you can't read this book without finding yourself laughing out loud sooner or later."
- United Caprine News
"Linda manages to turn the most awful mishaps into humor. ... (She) is a goatkeeper's James Herriot."
- Dairy Goat Journal
"... Her husband Johnny and their two sons, Kevin and Steve, may share the farm, but they don't particularly share Fink's enthusiasm for goats. ... The goats, the marriage, the diverse interests all provide grist for Fink's humor mill. She grinds it extremely well in this book..."
- Maine Organic Farmer-Gardener
"This book fills a well-needed gap in the literature."
- Kevin Fink


Animals have been Linda 's lifelong love. She holds a degree in Zoology from the University of Illinois. In 1969, she and her unsuspecting husband, Johnny, bought their first goats and have been raising them ever since. Besides tending Nubian goats on her Oregon farm , Linda writes humor columns for a weekly newspaper and a national dairy goat magazine. Her feature and humor articles have appeared in numerous other regional and national publications.

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