N2H2 Technical Library

Title Location Owner
A Book on C JP JP
Act 3.0 Manuals (2) Production N2H2
Applied Cryptography - 2nd Ed. Nathan Nathan
Bay Networks 303 Switch Manual(s) Production N2H2
C Reference Manual - 4th Ed. JP JP
C++ Primer - 2nd Ed. Nathan Nathan
C++ The Core Language Robley Robley
CGI Programming in C and Perl Tech Support N2H2
CISCO ROUTER Configuration Heechul N2H2
DNS and Bind Robley Robley
Essential Windows NT System Administration Robley Robley
Ethernet Configuration Guidelines Production Timm
Ethernet and Token Ring Optimization Production N2H2
Eudora Pro 3.0 Manual Production N2H2
Exploring Expect Tech Support N2H2
Exploring the UNIX System Production N2H2
Extreme Networks Summit48 Manual Production N2H2
Firewalls and Internet Security Tech Support KTM
Firewalls and Internet Security Tech Support N2H2
HTML Sourcebook Robley Robley
Inside Windows NT Server 4 - 2nd Ed. Production N2H2
Internet Routing Architectures/Cisco Press Tech Support N2H2
Java in a Nutshell Kevin N2H2
Java in a Nutshell 1.0 and 1.1 Robley Robley
Javascript Quick Reference Production Timm
Just Java Robley Robley
LANTIMES Encyclopedia of Networking Production N2H2
Learning Perl - 1st Ed. Tech Support KTM
Learning the Bash Shell Robley N2H2
Learning the VI Editor (2) Tech Support N2H2
Learning the Vi Editor Production Timm
Lex & Yacc Nathan Nathan
Linux Kernel Internals, V1 Tech Support N2H2
MS Windows NT Server; One Step at a Time Production N2H2
Managing NFS and NIS Tech Support N2H2
Managing Projects with Make Tech Support N2H2
Managing the Windows NT Registry Robley Robley
Mastering Access 97 Production N2H2
Mastering MS Internet Information Server Production N2H2
Mastering Regular Expressions Tech Support N2H2
Microsoft Visual InterDev in 21 Days Production N2H2
Norton Anti-Virus Manual Production N2H2
Numerical Recipes in C Kevin Kevin
Office 97 Bible Production N2H2
Open Computing - Best Unix Tips Ever Robley Robley
PGP Nathan Nathan
Panic! Unix System Crash Dump Analysis Tech Support N2H2
Photoshop in a Nutshell Robley Robley
Practical C Programming Kevin N2H2
Practical C Programming Tech Support Paul Kramer
Practical UNIX & Internet security Heechul N2H2
Problem Solving and Program Design in C Tech Support KTM
Programming Perl Robley Robley
Programming Perl 1st Ed. Production Timm
Programming Perl 2nd Ed. Craig N2H2
Programming Perl 2nd Ed. Kevin Kevin
Programming in Perl 2nd Ed. JP JP
Running MS Outlook 98 Production N2H2
SQL Server 6.5 Manual Set Robley N2H2
SQL Server 6.5 Study Guide Robley Robley
Sendmail Heechul N2H2
Shell Programming in 14 Days JP N2H2
Solaris System Administrator's Guide Tech Support N2H2
System Performance Tuning Tech Support N2H2
TCP/IP Network Administration Production N2H2
Teach Yourself C++ Robley Robley
Teach Yourself Excel 97 Production N2H2
Teach Yourself Javascript in a week Production N2H2
Teach Yourself Word 97 Production N2H2
Teach Yourself the UNIX C Shell Production N2H2
The C++ Programming Language 3rd Ed Nathan Nathan
The Java Handbook Robley Robley
Total SNMP Heechul Heechul
UNIX Installation Security and Integrity Tech Support KTM
UNIX in a Nutshell Heechul N2H2
Unix System Security Essentials Tech Support N2H2
Unix System V Robley Robley
Unix Systems Programming for SVR4 Nathan Nathan
Using Active X Robley Robley
Using Linux Tech Support KTM?
Using X Production N2H2
Visio 5.0 Manual Production N2H2
WEB SITE Administrator's Survival Guide Heechul Heechul
Web Client Programing Tech Support N2H2
Web Proxy Servers Tech Support N2H2
Windows NT Resource Kit 3.51 Robley Robley
Windows NT and UNIX Integration Production N2H2
X User Tools Tech Support N2H2
X Windows System Administrator's Guide Production N2H2

Wish List
Advanced Perl Programming (2 copies)
Mastering Algorithms with Perl
Perl Cookbook
Samba: Integrating UNIX and Windows
Learning Perl
UNIX in a Nutshell
Perl Resource Kit - UNIX Edition
Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Unleashed
Perl in a Nutshell
Managing IP Networks with Cisco Routers
Porting UNIX Software
Pthreads Programming
Applying RCS and SCCS
Using csh & tcsh
Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference
HTML: THe Definitive Guide
lex & yacc, 2nd Edition
Linux Network Administrator's Guide