Lava Canyon Trail #184

This is a really cool trail near Mount St. Helens. It is only 3 miles long, but has an elevation gain (or loss) of 1300 feet. To give an idea of how steep some sections are, there is a 30 foot ladder that you have to climb at one point...

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Forest Service
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These are some pictures I took on the trail a couple of years ago. It was an overcast and misty day, so they are a bit gray. Especially in wet conditions, I would recommend hiking up the trail rather than down it. The view going uphill is much better, and the footing is safer. We dropped my mountain bike off at the top, then drove to the bottom and hiked up, then I rode down the road to get our vehicle.

Looking up the canyon.

Another view up the canyon.

This is the start of a very short side trip (Ship trail No. 184B) to a 100-foot tall lava formation called "The Ship".

A view of "The Ship".

There is a cool suspension bridge near the top of the trail.

My dad and I on the bridge.