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KF Consulting

Kevin Fink

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Bess, the Internet Retriever


KF Consulting is currently on hold, as I am working full time for N2H2 Corporation, owners of Bess, the Internet Retriever and Rainier.Net.

KF Consulting specializes in custom programming, UNIX system administration, and website design. For a brief view of my background, examine my resume.


Internet Access Provider User Management System
This system provides user registration, account creation, user information, and billing functions for Internet Access Providers.

Project Highlights

Bess, The Internet Retriever
Bess is an Internet Access Provider which filters objectionable material at the server level. This project entailed modifying the CERN HTTPD Proxy Server to block a list of URLs, scan and delete bad language from otherwise acceptable sites, and add a trailer to every page for an easy return to the Bess website.

The project also included setting up a full ISP, including modems, termservers, router, multiple web servers, news server, etc, and then maintaining the system. I also wrote the aforementioned URIBS package to help manage and

Other projects related to Bess include "BessMail", a web-based email program, the design and implementation of a system to efficiently review sites flagged as possibly objectionable, customization of a RADIUS server to handle multiple IP pools, and much, much more... :-)

A full-access Internet Access Provider with local dial-up lines throughout NW Washington state. Includes a full newsfeed.
Cascade Bicycle Club
Design and implementation of entire website. Programming highlight (so far) is a set of scripts which create HTML versions of the monthly ride calendars, complete with links to maps of the starting locations.
Port of Tacoma
Notable features include a FAX gateway which allows Internet users to send FAXes to warehouses in Tacoma which do not have Internet connections. I also designed and implemented a facility for automatically updating shipping schedules.
Custom scripts for automatically updating the Al Anwar FAX (an Arabic newspaper summary) remotely (i.e. from Lebanon). On-Line Website Creation Software.
Interfacing a database of lawyers to an HTML search form.
Virtual Broadcast Network
Custom quote request forms and automatic quote estimates, On-Line Website Creation Software. System Administration of Sun SPARCstations, and PCs running LINUX and UNIXWARE. Included kernel patching for Virtual Hosting and running web servers (NCSA, CERN, and Apache) on Virtual Hosts.