Kevin Fink's Book Page

I'm interested in many things, and have found some good books on some of those topics.

I wrote a chapter for the Bad Data Handbook, published in late 2012 by O'Reilly. My chapter describes an approach to assessing the quality and quirks of a data set, with several real-world examples that I've encountered in the past couple of years. I actually haven't had time to finish this book yet, but the portions I've read so far are really interesting, and it's a rather important topic, so...
I found this book pretty inspiring, although I don't agree with everything it claims. In particular, I have a lot more concerns about using GMOs in agriculture than the author does. But overall, I like his perspective on the future. I didn't find this one great myself, but think that for the right audience it is great. A lot of books try to get at the same underlying truth from different perspectives, and the value depends on how well that perspective matches your way of thinking and background. This one is better suited to a more "faithful" audience than a "scientific" audience. So even though it wasn't a great match for me, the underlying message is valuable and it will be a great match for others. Despite the fact that I usually think about things from a fairly analytical/scientific perspective, I find (at least some of) Eckhart Tolle's books to resonate really well with me. This is one of them.
This was my mom's first book. I think it is very funny, but I am biased. This was my mom's second book. It is all lies, except for the parts that say how great I am. So mostly lies.
Cliff Mass has a great blog at, and his book goes into much more detail about the complexities of forecasting weather here in the Pacific NW.