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Kevin Fink's Home Page
Cascade Bicycle Club Home Page
Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
Goodies: Open-Source Software, Freeware, and Shareware
US West: Credit Card Payment Option

Search Engines

Northern Light Search
The Ultimate Directory - InfoSpace
FAST FTP Search v4.0 - The World's Largest File Search Engine
DevSearch: Simple Search
Alta Vista: Main Page
Lycos, Inc. Home Page
excite Netsearch
go2net | MetaCrawler | search
Yahoo Search
Welcome to Surf Monkey
U S WEST Dex - Yellow Pages Search by Business Name


Ticket to Ride -- The first company owned by the netsurfers
Busview Introduction
Metro Bus Service Information
Puget Sound Traffic Conditions: North-up System View
Washington State Ferries
Fauntleroy (West Seattle) / Southworth Schedule (CURRENT)

Yahoo! Finance - NTWO
N2H2 Stock Links - NTWO
MarketWatch/NewsAlert - News Financial Forums
ntwo Advisor FYI: Investor - MSN MoneyCentral
Raging Bull - NTWO Chat
Island book snapshot for ntwo
Thomson RTQ
CIBC Oppenheimer Client Access Login
FAQs About Stop Orders and Limit Orders
Datek Online Login
Welcome to UpsideToday


Microsoft TerraServer Full Resolution Image Page
Bruce Gittings' Digital Elevation Data Catalogue
1:1,000,000 Index Map
Sample GLIS AVHRR browse images
TIGER Map Service - 103 NW 49th
TIGER Map Service - Seattle
San Francisco Incident Tracking System (ITS)
MapQuest! Interactive Atlas - View
MapQuest! Interactive Atlas Welcome!
MapQuest! Welcome!
Map Portal Home


Q9.17: How to access a SQL Server using Linux
Transact-SQL User's Guide: Table of Contents
SQSH Homepage
SAL- Database Systems - Utilities & Other DBMS
Sybase Version 11.0.x Products
SQL Reference Page
Michael Peppler's Home Page
Perl DBI/DBD Sybase
WDB - A Web interface to SQL Databases
Unofficial mSQL FAQ
Index of /pub/Minerva/msql
Web Developer's Virtual Library: Database
Linux SQL Databases and Tools
Sybase FAQ - Table of Contents
SQL Tutorial
Xbase Module
Transact-SQL User's Guide
Transact-SQL User's Guide
Transact-SQL User's Guide


Michael Holve - Everything Linux - Linux and the PalmPilot
Pilot stuff from the ISAAC Group
Directory of /pub/PalmOS
Palm OS Desktop HOWTO
Handheld Software Development @ RoadCoders
Calvin's PalmPilot FAQ - Main Page
Mark/Space Softworks: Online - VT-100 Terminal Emulator for PalmPilot
Calvin's PalmPilot FAQ - Using rechargable batteries
Calvin's PalmPilot FAQ - Finding third party applications
Calvin's PalmPilot FAQ - Writing PalmPilot applications
Wade's Pilot Programming FAQ
Index of /web/daveltd/docs/pilot/PalmOS/
Palm OS Desktop HOWTO
Pilot-Sync home page
Index of /hci/gnomecvs/pilot-link : Visor


MOMspider: Multi-owner Maintenance Spider

Netscape Information

Ordering Netscape Products
Netscape Navigator - Frequently Asked Questions
Remote Control of UNIX Netscape
Standards Documentation


Apache Week
Apache HTTP Server Project
Apache module mod_include (server parsed documents)
Apache module mod_imap
mod_rewrite: Title Page

RFC 2068: HTTP/1.1
RFC 1945: HTTP/1.0
NCSA Tutorial: Imagemap
Proxy client autoconfig file format
Analog: a WWW server logfile analysis program
Two Servers, One Interface
WN -- a server for the HTTP
NCSA HTTPD Documentation
ICS Download Site Home Page
WWW Servers Comparison Chart

HTTP Proxy Servers

Toplevel cache server survey
How does the TnCB box work?
Internet Cache Protocol (ICP), version 2
Anonymous Proxy Server List


Squid Internet Object Cache
Squid 1.1 Info and Docs
Squid Users Guide - local
Squid Users Guide - source
Squid FAQ
Arjan de Vet's Squid Page
"squid-users by thread
Squid LDAP Authentication


CERN HTTP server status
Known Bugs in HTTPD
CERN WWW - proxies
W3 Library Internals Overview
List object for libwww
WAIS -- WWW Gateway


6.11 Troubleshooting
The Harvest Cache and Httpd-Accelerator


Netscape Proxy Server Readmes and Release Notes
Netscape Proxy Server Evaluation Guide


Internet Measurement Tool Survey
The Public Netperf Homepage
Web Polygraph

Transparent Proxying

IP Filter - TCP/IP Packet Filtering package
SQUID Frequently Asked Questions: Communication between browsers and Squid


Linux-kernel mailing list archive 2000-32,: VAIO lockup solved [PATCH] (nm256_audio, eepro100)
Installing Linux on a Sony Vaio Z505S
SAL -- Scientific Applications on Linux
Linux/Alpha Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to the Linux Home Page
Linux Documentation Project
Linux Installation and Getting Started
The Linux Programmer's Guide
Linux System Administrator's Guide 0.3
The Network Administrators' Guide
The Linux Kernel Hackers' Guide
linux-net by thread
The ECS Network - Linux 2.0 Upgrade Info
Packages in the base directory
Linux 2.0 Unofficial Kernel Patches
Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO
Linux NET-2/3-HOWTO: Experimental and Developmental modules.
Debian Project
Caldera Inc.
Data Bus Articles by Chris Fearnley
Review of Debian Linux
Review of Red Hat Linux
Linux Compaq Deskpro XL HOWTO
linux-kernel: Re: 64M -> 96M memory upgrade fails...
linux-kernel: Token Ring Patch


SAMBA Web Pages

Optimizing Your Linux Kernel for Heavy Usage
List of problems with Apache & Linux
How to tweak options in your kernel

General Documentation

Time (NTP)

Time Server

HTML Documentation

LUDWEB/Web Design/Authoring Tools
Extensions to HTML
URLs - RFC 1738
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
HTML Reference Manual
HyperText Markup Language (HTML): Working and Background Materials
Yet Another "HTCYOHP" Home Page
World Wide Web FAQ
World Wide Web FAQ
Thalia: Tips & Tricks for WWW-providers
Web Development Tools
Virtual Library/CyberWeb: Forms
Mosaic for X version 2.0 Fill-Out Form Support
Demonstrations of New Netscape 1.1 Features
Clickable image support in CERN Server
'Footsteps' linearising hypertext
Frames -An Introduction
How to make MPEG movies


Sprintlink USENET Service - INN FAQ Repository


Unix System Administration
Davin's collections of unix programming links
Unix Socket Programming
Frequently Asked Questions for Comp.sys.sun.admin
Unix SysAdm Resources: FAQs, Patches and Other Info [A-M]
UNIX Reference Desk
UNIX System Manager's Manual (SMM)
FAQ: Sun Computer Administration Frequently Asked Questions
Sun-Managers FAQ

Virtual Library Mailing List Archive
RFC Index Search Form
Pointers to FTP Information (Yahoo)
Pointers to TeX Resources
DNS Documentation
Weblint Home Page
Internet INFO (FAQs, RFCs, man pages)


Bash Reference Manual - Table of Contents
Linux Benchmarking - Concepts
comp.benchmarks Frequently Asked Questions
Linux Benchmarking HOWTO
Wotsit's Format: The programmer's file formats and data formats resource.
C Programming
Welcome to Software Methods and Tools
Profiling with GProf
GNU gprof - Table of Contents
Introduction to Debugging With GDB

Socket Programming

Unix Socket Programming

Problem Ticket Tracking Systems

Re: Trouble ticket/Defect tracking software by Pauline Li
Keeping Track - Introducing PRMS (GNATS)
Web resources about GNATS (aka PRMS), the GNU Bug Tracking System


FTP Directory:
GNU C Library - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Postscript calendar software
Directory of /pub/tools/unix/lsof
wu-ftpd help
UdiWWW - HTML3 Browser
Environment for Preparing HTML Documents
Welcome to
VSL: Power Search Form
OAK Software Repository
VSL Front Desk at the OAK Repository (
HTML converters
rtftohtml A Filter to Translate RTF to HTML
The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Compliant Software
GNU Source (
UNIX Software (
PLP Source (
Directory of /source/mail

Networking Information

GateD Code, Tools, Documentation
CNet -White Ppaer
carpeNet Traceroute
BGP4 Case Studies/Tutorial Index
Internet Service Provider Configurations
Uninterruptible Power Source FAQ
WH Networks
The USRobotics Sportster How To Page
SportsterŪ Modem Rack Mounting Options
Data sheet text
Network and Network Monitoring Programs
Dan Kegel's ISDN Page
Winsock Application FAQ
Trumpet Winsock Troubleshooting Reference
Ask Mr. Modem - Pick a Modem Brand
The Navas 28800 Modem FAQ

Redundancy / Load Balancing

lbnamed, a load balancing name server written in Perl
HydraWEB Technologies Home Page
F5 Labs, Inc Homepage
Welcome to RND Network Devices!

Portmaster / RADIUS

Livingston Enterprises WWW Home
The (un)official Portmaster Page
Portmaster Users Mailing-list Archive
RADIUS Information (Portuguese)
Scripts and Patches for ISP's
Windows NT Radius Home Page
Livingston: routing a subnet
The Port Master Monitor Utility

Routers / Access Servers

Shiva AccessManager 2.0 User Guide - Appendix A


Ascend - Sample Access Control Users Profiles
Ascend - Radius Dictionary
Radius Dictionary


Total Control NETServer Card Set


Managing the System
Cisco: Private Internet Exchange (PIX)
Cisco: Access Lists
Cisco: IP Commands
Cisco - TACACS
Cisco - XTACACS for First-time Users
Cisco - XTACACS Dial-up Sample Config
Cisco - Single-User Network Access Security TACACS+
NETBuilder FireWall Service


Web Spot XF86Config Modelines Quick Conversion Guide
Configuring XFree86: A Step-By-Step Guide
XFree86(TM): Home Page
The World Wide Web Monitor Database
Directory of /pub/unix/X11/X11R6/local
X Inside Incorporated: Demo Download and Use
X Inside Inc (Accelerated-X)
Metro Link (Metro-X)
Tuning systems for low memory
Navigational information for ``Using graphical clients on low memory systems''
The 3 Button Serial Mouse mini-HOWTO

CGI Information

GIFs on the FLY
Java Packages
JavaScript Authoring Guide
An Example Error Handling Script - a Perl5 CGI Library
Cool Applets We've Written (Beta)
Client Side State - HTTP Cookies
Index of Perl/HTML archives
Matt's Script Archive
The Common Gateway Interface Specification
The Common Gateway Interface
CGI Security


Perl: Data Storage
Perl Documentation
Perl FAQ Index
CPAN (Oklahoma)
PERL 5.0 Manual (local)
PERL 5.0 Manual (
Perl5 Information, Announcements, and Discussion
Tom Christiansens' Mox.Perl.COM Home Page
Perl-LDAP Homepage
Modules on CPAN alphabetically

Security / Encryption

F-Secure SSH Server Products
PGP 2.6.2 FAQ, Buglist, Fixes, and Improvements
TIS Firewall Toolkit
Searching the COAST Security Archive
Cisco: Increasing Security On IP Networks
The Mindphuck
Matt Thomlinson / / Cypherpunks Topics
The Hacker Crackdown - Law and Order on the Virtual Frontier
PGP User's Guide, Volume I: Essential Topics
Science:Mathematics:Security and Encryption:PGP - Pretty Good Privacy
Other People's PGP addons
Netsurfer Focus Home Page
About the Hypermail Bugtraq Archive

Internet Access Providers & Info

ISP/C Home Page
i.02 by thread
THE LIST -- Area Code 206

Chat / IRC

Global Stage (tm) Internet Chat Servers
DeadelviS' IRC Archive - Clients
THE IRC Web page

Tape Drives

Amanda, The Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver
Evolving FAQ/Reference for, Part 1/2 FAQ 1/2
CONNER-Home Page
Exabyte Corporation
HP DAT Tape Mechanisms - Data Sheets

Mail and Spam



qmail: a replacement for sendmail
Sendmail Home Page
UnixWorld Online: Tutorial: Article No. 008
GIF image 1065x1465 pixels

Mail Clients

MailMan, Endymion Corporation
Mailspinner(tm) from Nascent Technologies, Inc.

Majordomo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The Net Abuse FAQ
alt.spam FAQ or "Figuring out fake E-Mail & Posts". Rev 970516
Net Abuse
Get that spammer!
Using check_* in sendmail 8.8
Anti-Spam Provisions in Sendmail 8.8
Fight Spam on the Internet!


Pacific Place 11: seattle.sidewalk
seattle.sidewalk: movies
Current Movies
MovieLink | Search By Theater
Rainmaker - Entertainment : Movies

Caching Companies

Companies Band Together on Networking Caching Standard -- 12/17/98
Transparent, Scalable, Fail-Safe Web Caching [TR3033]
Cisco Cache Engine FAQ
Home page: Web Traffic Express
Netscape Proxy Server

Firewall Companies

Raptor Systems, Inc - Products & Services
AbirNet - The Next Generation in Network Protection Technology
Internet Products, Inc : Products & Solutions: The InterGate Solution
Novell: Novell BorderManager Home Page
WatchGuard Technologies - From Firewall to Firebox

Internet Filtering Companies

CleanWeb: Filtered Internet Access
Content Advisor, Inc. - An unrivaled web search and filtering solution!
RuleSpace, Inc. Corporate Web Site
KidSafe Company
Web Willy Watch 3.0 Filtering Software to Block Pornography
ACLU goes after state cyberporn law
Snooping software won?t win kids? trust
An Introduction to Filtering
United States Patent 5,678,041
United States Patent 5,832,212
United States Patent 5,706,507
United States Patent 5,696,898
United States Patent 5,784,564
United States Patent 5,835,722
United States Patent 5,835,718
United States Patent 5,835,722
Patron Controlled Internet Filtering

Reviews and Comparisons

Censorware Search Engine
Digital Chicago Reports Internet World Summer 97
HomePC: Online Safety Resource Center
Manning the Wires - March 1998
HomePC: Exploring the information highway
Web Time at Work
PC Magazine: The 1998 Utility Guide -- Parental Filtering Utilities
HomePC: Exploring the information highway
HomePC: Exploring the information highway
HomePC: Exploring the information highway
Filter Players
PC Magazine -- The 1997 Utility Guide (Internet Filtering Utilities)
Monitor Your Child's Access to Internet Pornography
Story: Internet Sex: End of an Era?
Bess 3.0

N2H2, Inc.
AUP Action Tools
Bascom's Access Management Engine


HomePC: Exploring the information highway
Cyber Patrol
PC Magazine -- The 1997 Utility Guide (Cyber Patrol)

Cyber Sentinel

New filtering software also checks Windows
First Amendment Rights Not an Issue with Cyber Sentinel(TM); New Software Tool Puts Information Control Back in the Hands of Parents
HomePC: Exploring the information highway
Welcome to Security Software Systems Inc.
Security Software Systems Release of Cyber Sentinel Version 1.5 Protects Children in Any On-Line Forum
PC Magazine: The 1998 Utility Guide -- Parental Filtering Utilities (Cyber Sentinel)


HomePC: Exploring the information highway
PC Magazine -- The 1997 Utility Guide (Cybersitter)


Cyber Snoop
PC Magazine -- The 1997 Utility Guide (Cyber Snoop)

GuardiaNet - Server-Based Hassle-Free Internet Content Filtering
The Internet Filter
Internet Watchdog
Kansmen - LittleBrother
The Library Channel
Library Safe Internet System
MidCore Software - Go Faster!, Together!
Claims to offer access control, but I can't find any details...


HomePC: Exploring the information highway
Net Nanny
PC Magazine -- The 1997 Utility Guide (Net Nanny)

PrivNet, Inc.
Library Safe Internet System
netFilter Technologies
PC Magazine -- The 1997 Utility Guide (Rated-PG)
Sequel Technology Internet Management Software
SmartFilter - Secure Computing


HomePC: Exploring the information highway
PC Magazine -- The 1997 Utility Guide (SurfWatch)
Welcome To THE WALL
WatchGuard Technologies - From Firewall to Firebox
WizGuard - Internet content filtering, blocking, and parental control software.
WebChaperone Home
Firewall using CyberNOT list.


PC Magazine -- The 1997 Utility Guide (X-Stop)

Integrity Online - "A Cleaner Internet Service"
RuraLife Internet Gateway - Family Safety
A Christian ISP For All, Filters Porn XXX Adult sex pictures


National Tropical Botanical Garden
A Hyatt Resort - Hyatt Regency Kauai Resort and Spa
Kauai Film Commission



Farm Stuff

Heritage Vinyl Products - Your Source for Vinyl Fencing, Decking and Garden Products
The Horse Interactive -- The Knowledge Bank
Welcome to Gardner Fence Systems, Inc.
Fence Industry's Original Link On The Internet
Fence USA Home Page
OTI: Heritage Vinyl
EverNew-Fencing-Products-Post & Rail
Heritage Vinyl Products Fencing
Starhaven Farm - HHAA Sept 98

Random Stuff

IBM Intellectual Property Network
U.S. Patent Advanced Search Page
DNS tools
The Weather Channel - Seattle, WA
K12Admin Home Page
Puget Sound Traffic Conditions: North-up System View
T50.To_Best Warez Sites
FinanCenter, Inc.
(Re)Finance Center - Calculators: How important is the interest rate?
PPA for the masses (HP Deskjet 710, 720, 820, 1000)
Xircom driver development
Product Information for Kiddesk Internet Safe
Serial Protocol of Some Digital Cameras
Bat Out Of Hell
IBM Special Needs Solutions
Sandra's Clip Art Server
Welcome to Techweb (NetGuide)
NetFrog Title Page
Wavelet Resources
Technology Review: Scott Adams
The Tech Classics Archive

Ricochet- Support
MapQuest : Latitude/Longitude Search
MainConcept::Products::MainActor Linux
Linux Motion Video
Heroine Virtual
SCIENCE HOBBYIST: Traffic Waves, physics for bored commuters
Free Trial -EditDV 2.0 for Windows
NextBus Corporate Home
Qwest | Residential
Welcome to the Olympic Athletic Club
Drunk Wives Stories
Pulse Jet Engine
fyuze > welcome
Smart Computing-Editorial
Contact StableWise
Berkey Pole Buildings - Barns, Shops, Arenas, Sheds, Outbuildings