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This is the test clickable image map of the bicycle.

And here is another experimental clickable image map. This one is of the Expo booth layout...

Welcome to the World Wide Web! The Web is a multi-media hypertext overlay to the Internet (aka the "Information Superhighway wanna-be") which permits easy access to the many resources available.

Q: What does "multi-media hypertext overlay" mean?
A: Let's break it up into parts...

A1: "multi-media" refers to the fact that by using the appropriate software, you can see pictures and movies in addition to text, and hear sound clips. The software used is called a "browser". There are many browsers available. The one you are using right now is called "Netscape". The original browser which started the whole Web craze, is called "Mosaic".

A2: "hypertext" refers to the idea that documents on the Web can be linked together using "hyperlinks", or "links" for short. Different browsers display links differently. In Netscape, links are displayed in a different color and are underlined. A link may take you to another page of text, a picture, a sound bite, or anything else which can be displayed by your browser. For example, if you click the mouse here, you will be taken to another document.

A3: The Web is an "overlay" to the Internet because it isn't really a separate entity. It's just a way of accessing information on the Internet.

Q: So, what's it good for?
A: Playing, mostly. While there are many scientific and commercial uses for the Web, by far the biggest use is recreation.

Other Web Sites

There is lots of interesting information on the Web. There is even some useful information. Here are some links to sites which relate to bicycling: There are many other sites as well. The CBC Home Page has a big list of them...

Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists are a group of people who discuss a certain subject. There are thousands of different mailing lists. Mike has another piece of software set up to view messages from some biking-related lists.

UseNet News Groups

UseNet is a massive collection of groups discussing a wide variety of subjects, from aquariums to philosophy to L. Ron Hubbard to cell biology to Lisp. At last count, there were 2,311 of these different groups. Among them are a few about bicycling:
General discussion of bicycling.
Bicycle racing techniques, rules and results.
Discussions of tours and training or commuting routes.
Societal issues of bicycling.
Cycling product design, construction, maintenance, etc.
Buying, selling & reviewing items for cycling.

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