Bicycling Touring Gear

From: (Jean-Francois Mezei)
Modified by: Kevin Fink



There is more to it, but generally,you have to look at all your equipment, piece by piece and determine what is actually critical to getting you to the next town if it breaks (and the likelihood of it breaking).

For instance, what do you do if the hooks of your saddlebags break? Can you fasten the saddlebags in some fashion with what you have on-board?

For trips where I know I will ride on gravel/unsealed roads, I also bring 2 fatter tyres for my road bike. I can put them on for those stretches of gravel.

As far as the "hotel" side of things

As far as the bathroom side of things


LOTS of Ziplock Bags (resealable plastic bags usually for food. I put all my gear in separate Ziplock bags. (eg: tools in one bag, "bathroom" onto another bag, underwear in one bag, sweater in another bag etc etc.
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