Interesting Bicycle Catalogs

Date: Sat, 4 Feb 1995 07:43:49 -0800
From: Bill Laine
In a conversation last week I was asked by list members for details on the Pedal Pusher catalog. I haven't been able to find a current ad and the info I do have is different than the info I used when I ordered.

This catalog is extremely dense with product descriptions and information. They analyze products and explain what they think they are made of, where they are made, if they look amazingly similar to other products etc. Your local shop is always the best source if possible, but this is fantastic reference material. This will push all the other catalogs out of your bathroom.

The address is:
Bike-Pro Publications
442 Steele Lane
Santa Rosa CA 95401-3149
1 800 BIKE PRO

This catalog and the old ads say send $8 in cash, $10 check or m.o. or $12 credit card. The more current info that I ordered from was $8 + $3 s&h cash or check and they send express mail.

A thrifty friend decided to go with the old info and send the $8 cash a couple of weeks ago. I haven't heard that he received his catalog yet. I sent $11 check and got the thing in 4 mail days.

Another fun catalog is from Cyclo-Pedia. This is an old shop that specializes in obscure and obsolete stuff. Brooks and Ideale saddles, 28"tires,etc. as well as current parts. It is less flashy than many catalogs and has lots of charts and tips including how to use sew-ups. The catalog is free. 517 263 5803

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