Ride 5: Ship Canal Loop

Start at Gas Works Park. Take Burke Gilman Trail west to Stone Way, then N 34th to Fremont Bridge. Cross bridge and continue up hill on 4th Ave N. Turn right onto Queen Anne Dr. to W. McGraw. Follow W. McGraw Place (not Street) to right onto 5th Ave W, left on W. Raye St, Right on 8th Ave W (going around Mt. Pleasant Cemetery), left on W. Fulton, Right on 10th Ave W, left on W. Barrett, right on 11th, left on W. Dravus St. (Follow the main road. Not as complicated as it sounds.) Follow Dravus down hill, then back up until it zigs left and becomes W. Barrett St. Follow W. Barrett, then right onto 34th Ave W, and left onto W. Emerson St. Climb hill to south Discovery Park entrance, follow road through park to north entrance. Take 40th Ave W, then right on W. Commodore Way to locks. Walk across the locks. Take NW 54th to Seaview Ave to Golden Gardens Drive. Climb hill to 32nd Ave, take NW 85th St. east to Linden Ave N. Follow Linden south (right turn), under Aurora to W. Green Lake Way. Turn right into Woodland Park at tennis courts. Follow road up into picnic area, then take overpass over Aurora behind the zoo to zoo parking lot. Follow Fremont Ave N. to a left onto 36th Street, wave to the troll, right on Stone Way, left onto the Burke Gilman trail to Gas Works Park.
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