Ride 3: It Was A Dark and Stormy Night

Start at Gasworks Park. Take Burke Gilman Trail west. Turn right onto Stone Way until it becomes E Green Lake Way N. Follow that around the lake until the SW corner, where we'll turn right up into Woodland Park. At the top of the hill, turn left into the parking lot, then follow the trail to the right up to the overpass over Aurora. Continue to follow the trail through the tunnel, past the steaming piles of Zoo Doo, in between the Rose Garden and Zoo, to the intersection of NW 50th and Fremont. Turn right onto NW 50th, then right onto Phinney Ave. N. Just past the zoo, turn right on NW 59th St., then left on Fremont. Turn left on 90th, wave at lost souls in cemetery who are off by a week, cross Holman Rd NW, zig (or zag) at 15th NW to stay on NW 90th, then turn left onto 24th NW. Turn right on 85th, then right on Golden Gardens Drive NW. Zoom down hill (or creep, seeing as how it'll be dark and wet out.) At bottom of hill, turn left onto Seaview Ave NW. Follow it as it becomes NW 54th Street, then NW Market St. Turn right on Leary Ave NW. At 8th Ave NW, turn right onto the Burke Gilman Trail.

Option 1: Flat, safe, kinda boring.

Option 2: Not flat, bigger obstacles, but more interesting.
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