Bicycling Information Sources

Note: Some of the links have key information in brackets [].
A     Addresses or other Contact Points for Bicycling Clubs
I     Information on Bicycling
L     Lists of Links to other Bicycling Information
P     Pictures/Images
R     Bicycle Routes, Maps, or Ride Descriptions
*     An Exceptional Page, IMHO.
Also note that most pages are not strictly devoted to a single subset of bicycling. Thus sites listed under Racing, for example, will probably have information on other facets of bicycling. I have attempted to categorize sites by their main focus, however. I thought about listing some sites in multiple categories, but decided that I was being too anal... Let me know what you think.

Note also that almost every site includes links to other sites. The sites under Lists of Links have only links, with no local information. More information may be added to them since I last looked at them. If so, please let me know. Links are usually the first (and easiest) step in making a WWW page.

General Bicycling Information

Regional Bicycling Information

Note that many of these have material of general interest. Look for [I] notes.


Mountain Biking


Cycling Magazines


Lists of Links

If you know of any other WWW sites with information on bicycling, please let me know. Thanks!
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