Seattle's Highest Hills and Steepest Grades

Much of this information was taken from an article by Jane Hadley in the Monday, November 21st, 1994 edition of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. This is just a summary; for a complete discussion, see the article. (It was on pages B1 and B3).

Highest Points

Note: These heights are with respect to the city's reference point, which is 6 feet below that of the U.S. Geodetic Survey.
  1. High Point (35th Ave SW and Myrtle Street in West Seattle) @ 512 feet
  2. Greenwood (N 145th Street just east of Greenwood Ave) @ 492 or 475 feet
  3. Queen Anne @ 456 feet
  4. Maple Leaf @ 455 feet
  5. Volunteer Park (Capitol Hill) @ 443 feet

Steepest Grades

  1. East Roy Street between 25th Avenue and 26th Avenue on the east side of Capitol Hill @ 26%
  2. East Boston Street between Harvard and Broadway on the west side of Capitol Hill @ 23.8%

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