Widely used scripting language - easy prototyping and lots of libraries/modules available.

DataBase Interface - Allows Perl to talk to databases.

DataBase Driver - provides routines to talk to a specific database. I'm using DBD::Sybase (note that this requires OpenClient libraries from Sybase - also known as CTLib).

Database - holds data and meta-data.
  • Sybase (Adaptive Server Enterprise) - Free version for Linux available. Supported version is 11.9.2 - not quite ready for prime-time, but getting there.
  • Oracle, MySQL, mSQL, Postgres, many others also available

  • More Information

    Sybase on Linux
    Sybase Online Manuals
    Sybase Transact-SQL Reference Manual
    Michael Peppler's Home Page (author of DBD::Sybase)
    Philip Jacob's "How to get DBI/DBD::Sybase working on Linux"
    Perl Database Interfaces